Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why Won't My Ovaries Cooperate?!

I had my CD 11 monitoring appointment today.  The cycle we did in April, I had one on each ovary and it resulted in our pregnancy with blackberry.  We stimmed for longer, but had to up the follistim a couple of different times.  Last cycle, I had one dominant follicle on my right side at my CD 11 monitoring appointment and the one on my left was only 12.  They had upped my follistim a little bit in the hopes that I'd have one dominant follicle on each ovary this cycle.  However, I only have one 20mm follicle on the left and all the others (one other on my left and 2 on the right)are less than 15!  What is the deal?!  I can't help but think that if 2 eggs resulted in one baby, my odds with only 1 seem less than great.  I know, I know, "it only takes one!"  But, still, I'm tired of this whole thing. 

Anyway, Nick and I have to be to the RE at 8am on Saturday for the IUI.  They said we should bring something to do, since it takes 1 1/2-2 hours after giving the sample for them to process it before we can do the actual procedure.  Seriously?  They better be infusing it with gold or something for it to take that long!  Then, we get the joy of having to transport it to the clinic for the actual IUI.  Fun will surely be had by all.  Asher will be staying the night at my mom's tomorrow night since we will need to leave at 6am on Saturday to get there.  ugh

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some Better Pictures

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A New Addition

In memory of our beloved blackberry...

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CD2~ Baseline Ultrasound

AF reared her ugly head yesterday morning.  I promptly called the RE's office and made an appointment for my baseline.  I went this morning and everything looks good.  I cracked me up, because I got a new ultrasound tech and I pretty much felt awesome because I knew what to do before she even told me to do it.  Also, my pesky left ovary was slightly more agreeable today than usual, so it didn't hurt quite as much when they looked at it. 

My protocol is:

CD 3-7~Femara
CD 7-8~ 100IU Follistim
CD 9-10~ 150IU Follistim
CD 11~ Ultrasound (where hopefully we will see a dominant follicle on each ovary as opposed to only one like last cycle)

After that, who knows?  Hopefully a trigger shot CD 11, followed by an IUI.  We have never done an IUI before, so I'm a little nervous.  How much better are my chances with it vs our timed intercourse?  Will it hurt? 

We looked over the information they gave me about the IUI during supper today (great supper conversation, I know!  Hopefully Asher doesn't repeat anything he might have heard!  lol), which was quite lovely and informative.  They drew blood today to see if I'm immune to rubella (there's a funny story!  The nurse, who I love, said, "You must be rubella immune, because they would have checked for that during your last pregnancy."  I said, "Well, was I pregnant long enough? I didn't think they tested for that until later in the pregnancy and I only got to 10 weeks." "No, I'm talking about with your son!" "Ummm...he's adopted." LOL).  Evidently that's one of the things they have to know before they do the IUI.  Who knew?!  I also noticed on that paper that it said I needed a pap in the last year, so I wonder if they'll want to do that when I go back next Thursday?  The last one I had was January 2009.  Should I even mention it?  Will they cancel my cycle if they realize?  Maybe I should call them tomorrow? 

Anyway, I'm hoping this cycle goes smoothly.  I'm really tired of seeing pregnant people and pregnancy announcements everywhere I go. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


*insert sad face here*

I guess I was hoping, since it worked so well last time, we'd get our positive this time, too.  But, no such luck.  I don't know if I should blame the lack of 2 dominant follicles or what.  Do we go for IUI next cycle? Do we keep at it old school? These questions (and more, no doubt) I don't know the answer to. 

The only thing I DO know is that it shouldn't be this difficult. 

I also know that I have no less than a million pregnant facebook friends, and the number seems to grow daily. 

It's getting really old. 

I also know that I wish I were 22 weeks pregnant right now instead of preparing to cry over yet another bfn.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I believe I ovulated this morning.  Can you guess what's on my mind?

Swim, boys, swim!  Stop and ask directions, if need be!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CD 11 Monitoring Appointment

I went to the RE today.  My lovely mother was nice enough to play chauffeur for me, as I worked last night and didn't think it advisable to drive a 4 hour round trip on no sleep.  I expected they'd to the ultrasound and tell me I needed to come back tomorrow or Friday to check again.  Imagine how surprised I was when I immediately saw a big, fat follie on my right ovary and the tech said, "That one's ready to go!"  Of course, my left ovary decided it was going to be it's stupid self and play hard to get.  It hurts like you wouldn't believe when they ultrasound that thing!  Wowzers!  Anyway, there's a 13mm one on that ovary that I am praying decides to grow in the next day or so and also release.  Last cycle (the cycle we got pregnant with blackberry), I had one on each ovary, so only having one kind of worries me, but I know it's all under control.  The nurse talked to the RE who said I should trigger tonight and...ahem...plan accordingly.  I was shocked!  It was cd 14 last time before I was even ready to trigger, so the 3 day difference is puzzling to me.  Hopefully, all will be well.