Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 30~ My Hopes For the Future

Isn't this pretty much like yesterday's topic? Oh well.

My hope for the future is simple: to raise a godly family. All my other mini goals or hopes I might have can be encompassed in that one goal. I want to close my eyes for the last time knowing that I gave God and my family my all.

I want my husband to feel blessed by my having been in his life for however many years we're given together. That sounds like I want him to think I'm awesome, but its more than that. I want my life to show him the love of Jesus in all I do. I don't do a good job of it now, but I hope to improve in the future. I want him to feel that his life is better for having shared it with me.

I want my children (whether I have one or five) to grow into godly men and women as a result of spending their formative years with me. Whatever they choose to do with their lives, I pray they'll do it as if they're doing it for Christ, because ultimately, they are. I pray they will meet and marry godly spouses and raise godly children, and the cycle will continue.

Basically, I want to leave a godly legacy. If that's the "only" thing I ever accomplish in my life, I will still be blessed beyond what I deserve. God was merciful enough to send His only Son to Earth for me, the least I can do is devote my years here to ensuring, as best I can, that my family knows Him.
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 29~My Hopes, Dreams, and Plans for the Next Year

Well, I'd say, obviously, having a baby (or at least getting pregnant) is high on my list of hopes for the next year. We'd be 20 weeks tomorrow if we hadn't miscarried, and that thought makes me sad. I should be running around with a decent baby belly instead of shooting myself with needles and taking pills every day. I sincerely hope that we're pregnant by the time our due date for blackberry comes.

Another hope is that our first year of homeschooling will have gone smoothly. I'm decently nervous, but I have no doubt this is what God wants for our family. I know he will empower us to do a good job. Plus, I figure it's preschool, how much damage can I do? Haha!

I hope to grow closer to God in the next year, also. I feel like I've been kind of distant recently, which I know is all me and not any of His fault. Doing the Beth Moore "Breaking Free" study really made me want to know Him and portray Him in everything I do.

In addition, I'd love to grow even closer to Nick and Asher. I think we have a pretty decent relationship, but sometimes we have periods of discontent. Maybe it's usual for a family with a 3 year old. I have no idea. I treasure our times together, especially when everyone's happy and in a good mood. Our weekend has been a perfect blend of family time and couple time and I love it. In our family, when mom and dad are happy, everyone is happy. I'd love to have more times like that.

Sorry if this post is scatter-brained. I'm writing it on my blackberry while riding in the car. The radio is on and people are talking, so its hard to concentrate! Lol! I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of the 30 day blog journal! And I managed to do every topic (as long as nothing keeps me from tomorrow's!)!
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Off Topic: A Link to an Awesome Blog Post

As a person who despises being told to "just relax," this blog post rocks my socks off!  If you're infertile, read it.  If you've ever had trouble getting pregnant, read it.  If you've ever told someone who was having trouble getting pregnant to "just relax," please, for the love of all things holy, stop it!, then read it.

Thanks. ; )

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 28~The Contents of My Purse

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 27~ My Worst Habit

What makes you think I have bad habits? hmmm... ; )

Probably my worst habit is eating too much or just eating crap.  I do really well dieting and points counting for awhile, then I sit and eat a not-good-for-you Subway sandwich and a snickers bar.  Ahem, like I just did.  I like to eat, and it's really kind of a problem

Also, I tend to be grumpy when I've slept all day between work nights (like today).  I'll think I'm fine when I get up, then my boys get home and I turn into some sort of troll.  I'm not sure why.  It's not too great, though.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 26~ My Week in Great Detail

Well, I'm certainly not going to go in as great of detail as I did for yesterday's post.  It would take forever!  ugh!

Sunday~ I worked all night, came home, ate while surfing the net, went to bed when the boys left for breakfast/church, got up about 4:30, took a shower, sent the boys off to church/youth group, went to Taco Bell, took my food to work, got changed into my scrubs, ate my food, clocked in, and worked.

Monday~ I worked all night, went home, ate a bowl of cereal while messing around on the computer, made an RE appointment, took a nap, took a shower, got Asher from my grandma, watched "Olivia" with him, took him potty, put him down for his nap, ate lunch, watched tv, dozed on the couch, got him up from his nap, took us both potty, gave him a snack, waited for Nick to get home, had supper with Nick, hung out as a family, did the bedtime routine, watched some TV with the hubs (I don't remember what it was), brushed teeth, and went to bed.

Tuesday~ Got up, got Ash up, took us both potty, ate breakfast with the boys, sent Nick off to work, hung out with Ash while surfing on the computer, took him potty a million times, took a shower, got dressed, kissed Nick when he came home around 12:20, drove to the RE, had my lady bits ultrasounded, waited for the nurse, talked to the nurse about my meds for this cycle, went to the pharmacy and waited for an hour while doing my final day of homework on my Beth Moore study, lost my parking ticket/stub thingy, got my meds, paid $15 dollars to get out of the parking garage since I lost my tickety stub, drove toward home, stopped at HyVee for groceries, got home, made supper while hanging out with Asher, did the bedtime routine, put Ash to bed, ate supper with Nick while watching "The Back-Up Plan," brushed teeth and went to bed.

Wednesday~ See yesterday's post

Thursday~ Slept in a little (since I have to work tonight) while Nick showered and got Ash up and pottied, got up, got dressed, started a load of laundry, went into town with Nick and Ash so we could retrieve the other car from the mechanic, talked to my father in law who we saw at the mechanic's shop, took Nick to work since the mechanic had forgotten to change the oil in the car, came home, took Ash potty, took a shower, got dressed, cleaned off the top of my dresser (which I hadn't done in FOREVER!), took Ash potty, got out the computer and started messing around, switched the laundry, folded a load of laundry, put away said laundry, started writing this post, took Ash potty, finished this post.  The rest of my day will include many potty trips, lunch, naps for both Ash and I (I find I'm less tired at work if I sleep in than if I get up like normal then nap when he does, but my grandma's out of town, so I couldn't do that as usual today.), making supper (chicken, I think), then going to work.

Friday~ I will work all night, go home (or maybe to the Y to work out or walk, I haven't decided), eat a bowl of cereal while surfing, go to sleep, get up to pee, go back to sleep, get up around 4, shower, get dressed, eat supper with the boys, send them to my brother's football game, and go to work.

Saturday~ I'll work all night (sounding familiar, right?), go to Target for a wedding present, come home, eat a bowl of cereal while surfing (lol! I'm a creature of habit.), go to sleep, get up around 12:30, shower, get dressed, put Ash down for his nap, hang with Nick/doze on the couch (only sleeping 3 or 4 hours in the morning after working all night makes it hard to be super alert the rest of the day), get ready to go to the wedding, hand Ash off to Nick's parents, go to the wedding and reception, come home and go to bed.

It's all quite exciting.  LOL

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 25~ My Day in Great Detail

I woke up slightly ahead of 6:30, having had a very strange dream.  I decided to go ahead and get up, since my alarm was set for 6:30, anyway.  I kissed Nick, grabbed my phone, and left our bedroom.  I grabbed my clothes off the dining room table (where I'd placed them last night), went to the bathroom, got dressed, put my hair in a ponytail and left the bathroom.  I grabbed a pop out of the fridge, microwaved a Weight Watchers breakfast sandwich (being careful to stop the microwave before it beeped), then, went back in my room to kiss Nick again (what can I say?  I like him a lot!) and to grab my bluetooth headset.

I left a little ahead of 6:45 and drove the 30ish minutes to work, where I talked to a coworker while waiting to clock in for our monthly unit meeting.  I sat through an hour and a half of a really "informative" meeting, then clocked out.  I talked to Nick while I drove the 2 minutes to Walmart, where I bought the non-perishable items that I'd been unable to get at HyVee on the way home from my RE appointment Tuesday.  What did I buy?  Hmmm...pull ups, overnight diapers, a birthday gift for my little brother who will be 4 next week, contact solution for Nick, 2 boxes of brownie mix, brown sugar, chocolate chips, toffee chips, a pair of pjs for Asher that were on clearance, a shower curtain liner, ritz crackers and saltine crackers.  After that, I drove home, stopping at my grandma's to pick up Asher on my way.

Ash and I came home, I grabbed the mac and checked facebook and blogs and other sites while he played and watched Nick Jr.  I took him potty.  I did my bible reading on my blackberry.  I fought sleep.  I took Asher potty.  I took a shower.  I got dressed.  I took Asher potty.  I played more on the computer.  I took Asher potty.  I made brownies and a cheese ball for bible study.  I took him potty.  I talked to Nick on the phone.  I made Asher lunch and cleaned up while he ate.  I ate a bowl of cereal.  I gave him a Popsicle.  I took him in his room, put a new pair of shorts on him (because, for some reason, he doesn't like to sleep without pants on), turned on his sound machine, turned his air conditioner on fan, sang him "Jesus Loves Me," and put him to bed. 

I went to the living room, turned on Grey's Anatomy for background noise, and started looking at our preschool curriculum.  I made a document that basically equates to blank calendar pages that I can use to schedule each trimester.  I emailed the document to Nick, so he could print it as we don't have a printer at home.  I also submitted the picture of Asher standing on his box of books to the people who make our curriculum for a contest or something they're having.  He's so stinking cute.  Finally, I started getting tired, so I put everything away and decided to take a short snooze on the couch in the hour that was left of Ash's nap.  I switched the tv to HGTV, because Grey's was over and I despise Wife Swap. 

At 4:30, Ash woke up, we went potty together and I cut him a brownie.  I watched the dvd of our Beth Moore bible study that I'd missed a few weeks ago.  I stopped partway through to take Asher potty and talk to Nick on the phone.  I fought with him when he wouldn't stop being obnoxious.  When my dvd was done, I plugged in the computer, changed my shirt, took him potty, cut the brownies, rolled my cheese ball in it's nut topping, put his shoes on him and we left for church.  He threw a big fit because he wanted to buckle himself in, but we didn't have time to wait for him to do so.  He cried for a few miles until I told him to stop because he was a big boy and shouldn't cry all the time. 

We got to church and I put Asher in the care of my younger brother and went inside.  I kissed Nick (who was at praise team practice), and went downstairs.  I set my food out.  We prayed and ate food and did bible study.  Beth Moore rocks.  We cleaned up our food.  I talked to my mom about talking me to my RE appointment next week, as I will have worked the night before and shouldn't be driving a 4 hour round trip on no sleep.  I drove my grandma's car home.  It's like driving a space ship.  It's very fancy.  It even turns down the radio when you're stopped at a stop sign or when you slow down the car!  Who knew such a thing even existed!  Anyway, I parked my grandma's car at her house and walked home. 

I came in the back door, went to the living room and looked in the boxes that had arrived (my order).  I listened to Nick talk to his sister on the phone while writing this blog post.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our School Order Arrived!

Is it here, Mama?

I see it!!!

Oh, yeah!  This rocks!

Lots of books!

We are SO excited to start school!

Day 24~ Where I Live

Well, whoever thought up this "30 Day Blog Journal" is certainly nosey, aren't they? 

Here's some pics:

Obviously, we live in the country.  (And we like it that way!)  Unfortunately, the views you see with the harvest-ready corn and the short early-summer corn are now eclipsed by a ginormous machine shed.  Literally, you look out our back windows and all you see is corrugated metal.  But, what can you do?  We love living in the country (with the only problems being having to drive to do ANYTHING and sometimes getting stuck here with the snow gets too deep!)!  Honestly, I think I'd rather live in the country than in town!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 23~ A YouTube Video

Nick and I used to watch this one ALL THE TIME!!!  It is long, but hilarious!  This may be a good watch for those of you reading on bedrest (ahem...Minta...).

Along the same lines:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 22~ A Website

So, I'm guessing this is supposed to be a website I like and visit regularly?

Here goes:

Facebook--I'm a facebook junky.  I check it roughly a million times a day on my computer and on my phone.  It's an addiction, but one I have no desire to get rid of, so take that, Facebooker's Anonymous!

Slickdeals--I check this site a couple times a day.  It's pretty awesome.  It features user-submitted deals from various stores on the internet.  Sometimes there's nothing but crap that I don't want or need (protein powder, external hard drives, etc), but sometimes there's awesome stuff!  I got a GINORMOUS Vera Bradley bag for like $30!  And a $100 pair of Birkenstocks for $30!  I was pretty proud of myself, I'm not going to lie.


Trip Advisor-- I don't visit this one all the time, but when we're going somewhere, I'm on it for hours on end!  My mom showed it to me, and I'm so glad she did!  People rate hotels, restaurants and attractions in pretty much any city big enough to have hotels, restaurants or attractions!  It's awesome!

Woot--This site features daily deals in their regular woot section, along with funny t-shirts and a kid's section.  Much like slickdeals, sometimes it's nothing I'm interested in, but sometimes it's something cool.  Nick just recieved an awesome headlamp from them (or, at least, I assume it's awesome based on the squealing he did when it arrived and he wore it for the first time.  Yeah, he's easily amused!).  But, even better than their cool things, their descriptions of said items are always hilarious! 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 21~ A Recipe

Here's a family favorite recipe!  It was what was served the first time Nick had supper with my family.  It is more delicious than anything this easy has the right to be!


2 pounds hamburger, browned and drained
3 cans diced tomatoes
3 cans diced chilis
2 cans black beans
1 can pinto beans
1 can white hominy
1 package Taco seasoning
1 package Ranch mix
1 1/2 cups water
salt and pepper to taste

Literally dump everything (liquid and all) into a large pot or crock pot and heat until it's hot.

Serve with sour cream, shredded cheese and crumbled up tortilla chips!

I half this recipe if I'm just making it at home for us, otherwise, we have leftovers for a week (which actually isn't bad, because this stuff gets better and better the longer it sits in the pot)!

I have used 3 cans of Rotel tomato stuff in lieu of the diced tomatoes and diced chilis.  It's a litte spicier that way, but yummy nonetheless.

If you want to be Nick's best friend, make this for him.  He will love you forever (or marry your daughter, evidently.  LOL)!

Let me know if you try it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 20~ A Hobby

Again, see me previous post about working and hanging out with a 3 year old all the time.  Read: not a lot of time for hobbies.  I'll give this post a try, anyway.

I'm not crafty.  I tried scrapbooking awhile back, but it kind of fell by the wayside when I realized that I got my artistic skill from my mother (which means I have none).  (Anyone want any scrapbooking supplies?  LOL)

I do like photography.  By that I mean, basically, having a fancy-ish camera and only shooting on automatic.  haha  If I had the time and money, I'd take a photography class, but, alas, I don't have either of those.  I also enjoy a little photoshopping occasionally, but I haven't done it in so long that I probably would need Nick to teach me how again.

I also like to read.  I read A LOT and I read fast.  I'm not bragging, I'm just saying.  It is something I got from my mom that rocks!  I read mostly fiction (usually crime fiction, because I'm reading in the middle of the night and I need something to keep me awake, not put me to sleep).  I've read entire books during a slow night at work, and I always feel pretty proud of myself afterwards. haha  The only problem I have with reading so much is that I sometimes forget what I've read.  I recently ordered a book and took it with me to work to read, only to realize a few pages in that I had totally read it already.  It was annoying.

I think that's about all I have in the realm of hobbies...unless potty training people counts?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 19~ A Talent

This, too, took some thinking on my part.  I spend most of my time working or taking care of a 3 year old, neither of which require a whole lot of talent. 

One thing I get comments on regularly, though, is the skill with which I swaddle babies at work.  I have a certain way I do it, and, in fact, it annoys me when someone messes it up or sends their baby back to the nursery all unwrapped when I sent them to the room nicely wrapped!  Sheesh!  People regularly ask me to show them how I do it.  One of our pediatricians has been heard to say, "I can tell Krystal wrapped this one!"  In fact, the swaddling was the thing my mom told me I needed to learn first thing when I started working there.  I think I've achieved that goal!

Of course, I can also tie a cherry stem with my tongue, but that's a post for another time...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 18~ My Wedding

Rehearsal (trusty shower bow bouquet!)

You'll see that here, I'm looking away and Nick is starting to run down the aisle.  This resulted in the following picture...

We did formal shots beforehand, because I always hate the "go to the reception and wait forever for the bridal party" thing.

Our bridal party being silly

Daniel (it was his 4th Birthday the day we got married!) and Hannah

My "something old"--My Great-Grandma's brooch

Nick and our little bridal party members

Our first dance as husband and wife

The last 3 1/2 years as flown by!  I can't believe how fast it seems to have gone!  I was madly in love with this man then, but it pales in comparison to just how in love with him I am now.  Going through infertility and a miscarriage has only proven to solidify our relationship.  Watching him be a daddy to our son has warmed my heart in ways that I never thought possible.  I look forward to many many more years with him!

I love ya, Baby!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 17~ An Art Piece

Not being an arty type, I've been thinking about this topic for a few days and I am having a hard time coming up with something.  I like photography more than, say, paintings.  I decided I would go to a popular Christian bookstore website and look around at what they have. 

Here's some photographic prints with bible verses that I like:

(Funny story: I bought my mom this one for Christmas in 2008, then bought it again in 2009!  When I got it in the mail, I was like, "This looks familiar!"  I looked back at my previous orders and was like, "Oh, Crap!" LOL)

As far as actual paintings (or reproduction of paintings) go, I find I like kind of abstract-y things.  I also like triptychs (did I spell that right?).

And, of course, I've always been a fan of "Starry Night."

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 16~ Songs That Make Me Cry

First of all, I hate to cry.  Secondly, because of that, I generally change the channel or skip a song that shows up on this list.  Thirdly, listen and enjoy.  Fourthly, I'm sorry.  Fifthy, these are just the first 4 I thought of.  There's roughly a million that make me cry.

(Now Nick and I are both crying!!!)

(This is totally my least favorite day so far!)

(Ugh!  Who thought this was a good idea?!)

(Now I need a nap, because I'm emotionally drained!)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 15~ My Dream House

***edited to let you know to rest up before tomorrow's post.  I already wrote it and scheduled it to post tomorrow morning, and let me tell you, it's emotionally draining!  ugh!***

Our wish list:

  • CENTRAL AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 4+ bedrooms (so we can fill it up, or use the extra as a playroom or office)
  • Master Suite with plenty of room for our California King bed and other furniture and the bathroom with a hot tub and one of those fancy glass-enclosed showers and lots of shower heads
  • Big kitchen with granite, stainless steel appliances, an island and miles of cupboards and counter space and an under-mounted sink
  • 3 bathrooms (including the one in the master suite)
  • Finished basement
  • Big yard with outdoor space for entertaining (outdoor kitchen, maybe?) and maybe a pool and hot tub
  • Attached 2 car garage
We kind of like how this one looks:


Saturday, August 14, 2010


If any of you saw that link that got posted to my blog as a blog post, don't click it!  My hotmail got hacked or something and sent that link to everyone in my contacts list and I have the email posting address saved in my contacts, so it posted here!  Ugh!  Stupid!  I'm sorry!

Day 14~ A Non-Fiction Book

My current non-fiction selection is:

Actually, what's interesting is that I rarely read my actual bible.  I use when I'm doing my bible study at work, because it's easier than toting around my bible.  Also, I found an app for my beloved blackberry called YouVersion that I have been using a lot lately.  In addition to being able to search for any bible verse, you can also start one of their 30ish reading plans and it will keep track of your status!  I only started it 10 days ago, but I'm liking it so far!  I'm doing the chronological study, so it assigns me a certain amount every day of the bible in the order it would have actually occurred, not necessarily the order it is in the bible.  For example, I got through the flood in Genesis, then it sent me to Job!  I had no idea!  Anyway, I think it's pretty cool, and I can read it anywhere!  (This is not a commercial, by the way!  LOL!)

Also, I'm doing a women's bible study with my church:

I'm really enjoying the Beth Moore study (other than the fact that she gets all up in your business!), and I love hanging out with the small group of ladies attending the study. 
Despite some bad weather yesterday right at wedding time, my sister is now married! 

Ignore my farmer "tan" and my fat.  Ugh.  I wish there was a "tan" and "weight loss" setting on my camera!

My sister and her husband!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 13~ A Fictional Book

I'm a little confused by today's topic because didn't we already cover books?  Oh well, I guess since we already covered my favorite books, I'll just talk about the one I'm currently reading.


I really like this author.  All her books feature the same characters.  I wouldn't say they're a series, per se, but they do mention things that happened in previous books (kind of like the Scarpetta series).  You won't be lost if you pick up a more recent one, but you may learn things that kind of let you know what happens in an older one, know what I mean?  Actually, I have read them all out of order! haha 

Once I get done with this one, I will have read all but "Blindsighted."  Looking at the list, the "Will Trent" series may or may not feature people from the "Grant County" series, but I know they cross over at some point and live in sin together in the same book. haha

Anyway!  Today is wedding day, so I need to get Ash out of the bath and shower myself and get going!  Tomorrow is "Non-fiction book," I guess!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 12~ Something I'm OCD About

It's no secret that Nick is the OCD one in our family.  However, I think we all have something that makes us tick if it's not done to our specifications.


Laundry!  More specifically, folding laundry.  I have a certain way I fold certain things, and if they're not folded right (read: Nick folded it...sorry, honey), I have to re-fold them.  True confessions: I re-fold things he's folded all.the.time.  I'm slowly but surely getting him trained.  He folds the underwear right, and he pretty much does the towels ok, too.  The t-shirts need some work. LOL  (You know I love ya, baby!)

Also, at work, I don't like it if someone else fills out my daily nursery book.  We have a book that has all the baby's info in it that gets re-done every day so current info is on it.  If someone else fills it out while I'm the one working in the nursery, I don't like it.  I feel uneasy, like they didn't do it right. 

There you have it.  My neuroses, out in the open for all to see!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 11~ A Recent Photo of Me

Ash looks fat in this one! lol

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 10~ A Photo of Me From 10 or More Years Ago

This is me and my dad

Me and my mom.  (This is a scan, and there is something nasty on the picture.)

My dad, mom and me in 1996.  (Again, there's something nasty on the picture.)

Me, my sister Lyndsay holding my brother Jamie, my sister Kayla (who gets married Friday!), and my sister Grace in 1999 (I think)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 9~ A Photo I Took

So, since I'm the (probably self-appointed) family photographer, this day is not very hard.  (Not as hard as the "recent photo of me" day we have coming up!)  So, I thought I'd use today as an excuse to show pictures from our short family trip to Chicago that we took in July.

Asher enjoying the train ride

Looking at the big city


This is a creepy picture I accidentally got of Nick at the aquarium.  I was trying to take a picture of whatever that fish is and got his reflection.  It's terrifying.

A meercat, cheesing for the camera.

The bean.  I've been to Chicago a million times and never been.  So, after some wandering, we found it!

Asher at Navy Pier.  I think he's going to end up back in glasses at his eye appointment in September.  He's started closing one eye when he has to point at something far away.

I title this one "When's the next hippo?"  We have a similar picture of Nick on our honeymoon sitting on some sort of animal at a museum in Minnesota.  

Asher on Daddy's shoulders in the bird house at the zoo.