Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 26~ My Week in Great Detail

Well, I'm certainly not going to go in as great of detail as I did for yesterday's post.  It would take forever!  ugh!

Sunday~ I worked all night, came home, ate while surfing the net, went to bed when the boys left for breakfast/church, got up about 4:30, took a shower, sent the boys off to church/youth group, went to Taco Bell, took my food to work, got changed into my scrubs, ate my food, clocked in, and worked.

Monday~ I worked all night, went home, ate a bowl of cereal while messing around on the computer, made an RE appointment, took a nap, took a shower, got Asher from my grandma, watched "Olivia" with him, took him potty, put him down for his nap, ate lunch, watched tv, dozed on the couch, got him up from his nap, took us both potty, gave him a snack, waited for Nick to get home, had supper with Nick, hung out as a family, did the bedtime routine, watched some TV with the hubs (I don't remember what it was), brushed teeth, and went to bed.

Tuesday~ Got up, got Ash up, took us both potty, ate breakfast with the boys, sent Nick off to work, hung out with Ash while surfing on the computer, took him potty a million times, took a shower, got dressed, kissed Nick when he came home around 12:20, drove to the RE, had my lady bits ultrasounded, waited for the nurse, talked to the nurse about my meds for this cycle, went to the pharmacy and waited for an hour while doing my final day of homework on my Beth Moore study, lost my parking ticket/stub thingy, got my meds, paid $15 dollars to get out of the parking garage since I lost my tickety stub, drove toward home, stopped at HyVee for groceries, got home, made supper while hanging out with Asher, did the bedtime routine, put Ash to bed, ate supper with Nick while watching "The Back-Up Plan," brushed teeth and went to bed.

Wednesday~ See yesterday's post

Thursday~ Slept in a little (since I have to work tonight) while Nick showered and got Ash up and pottied, got up, got dressed, started a load of laundry, went into town with Nick and Ash so we could retrieve the other car from the mechanic, talked to my father in law who we saw at the mechanic's shop, took Nick to work since the mechanic had forgotten to change the oil in the car, came home, took Ash potty, took a shower, got dressed, cleaned off the top of my dresser (which I hadn't done in FOREVER!), took Ash potty, got out the computer and started messing around, switched the laundry, folded a load of laundry, put away said laundry, started writing this post, took Ash potty, finished this post.  The rest of my day will include many potty trips, lunch, naps for both Ash and I (I find I'm less tired at work if I sleep in than if I get up like normal then nap when he does, but my grandma's out of town, so I couldn't do that as usual today.), making supper (chicken, I think), then going to work.

Friday~ I will work all night, go home (or maybe to the Y to work out or walk, I haven't decided), eat a bowl of cereal while surfing, go to sleep, get up to pee, go back to sleep, get up around 4, shower, get dressed, eat supper with the boys, send them to my brother's football game, and go to work.

Saturday~ I'll work all night (sounding familiar, right?), go to Target for a wedding present, come home, eat a bowl of cereal while surfing (lol! I'm a creature of habit.), go to sleep, get up around 12:30, shower, get dressed, put Ash down for his nap, hang with Nick/doze on the couch (only sleeping 3 or 4 hours in the morning after working all night makes it hard to be super alert the rest of the day), get ready to go to the wedding, hand Ash off to Nick's parents, go to the wedding and reception, come home and go to bed.

It's all quite exciting.  LOL