Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Couple of Quick Notes

1.  I don't plan on my weight loss being spectacular this week, after my weekend of eating whatever I wanted. lol  If I break even, I'll be happy.

2.  The homeschooling conference ROCKED!

3.   Continued prayers that AF would show her ugly face soon would be appreciated, otherwise I'll have to cancel my Thursday appointment.

4.  TOMORROW IS ADOPTION DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thinking Thin Thursday

Thanks, Jamie, for the idea for my weekly weight-loss post!

This week's total...*drum roll*...3.2 pounds!  Not too shabby.  This puts me 2 pounds from my first mini goal of the year, which I think was like 26.8 pounds.  This is wasn't the goal the culminates in my green chucks (that will be the next one), but I'm still pretty proud of myself.  Hopefully next week, I'll hit it!  Help me think of a reward for myself when I reach it!  Should I move the green chucks up, or do something else?

Here's my critique of the week...

Things I did ok with this week:

  • Counting points more reliably
  • Increasing my water intake
  • Exercising (but I only got it done twice
Things I need more work on:
  • Continuing with my increased water intake
  • Making the time to get exercise in (I'm still aiming for 3/week at this point, which I know isn't great, but it's better than nothing.)
 In other news, we leave tomorrow for an overnight homeschooling conference through APACHE.  Nick and I are going with my mom and younger sister, Grace.  It should be awesome.  We plan to home-school Asher and any other children that might make an appearance after him, so I think this conference will be great. 

Asher will be staying the night at my dad's house.  I'm getting the typical "Mommy" nervousness about being away from him.  He's never stayed there before, so I hope everything goes smoothly.  Prayers appreciated for both Mommy and son!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I highly suggest you watch this video.  Especially if you've ever been in a position of infertility, you will find this hilarious!

My Aunt Jane Knows More Than My RE

This is courtesy of Mel over at Stirrup Queens.

Gasp! A Non-Thursday Post!

Well, I'm just sitting here with Asher, watching Dora.  Team UmiZoomi just got done (he loves that show so much!).  We went to a tiny town near our house to go for a walk (since I told you all last week that my goal was to get to the Y three times this week.  I think the walk counts.) and play at the park.  That's right, folks, we have to drive to get somewhere we can walk!  You try pushing a stroller on a gravel road that's been largely taken over by mud! No thanks!  Anyway, he was SUPER good during our 30 minute walk.  He was just content to sit in the stroller and talk to me and look at the houses and birds.  It's probably a novel idea to him to see houses so close together, since we live in the middle of nowhere.  We started our walk at the park, and I told him if he was good, we could play when we were done.  Since he was so good, we played for about 30 minutes at the park.  He had a great time sliding and climbing and playing with ginormous leaves...

Except when he face-planted in the dirt...

He didn't cry or anything!  Needless to say, he took a bath when we got home. 

In other news, today is my niece Jayla's 2nd birthday.

We'll be heading to her house tonight for her birthday party.  She and Asher love each other, even if neither of them are to the stage yet where they get the whole "sharing toys" thing.

We're getting pretty excited for the adoption next week!  That reminds me, I need to go tomorrow and get Asher's papers served to him.  lol  It will be great to finally have it behind us!  The day after, I have my RE appointment.  I'm really praying that the provera will come through and put me on the correct CD for it.  It would suck to have to re-schedule it.  I think Nick is actually going to come with me to it, since he decided to take his 2 week paternity leave that his work gives for births and adoptions.  lol  I think it's kind of funny, since it's not like we have to travel or anything, but he said, "Honey!  It's 2 weeks paid vacation!  For free!"  So, it will be nice to have him around for a couple of weeks, including the visits to the RE that are sure to ensue.  

Anyhoo, I'm sorry to ramble.  I'm trying to keep my mind off of how hungry I am after that walk and park playing. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm Just Going to Starve Myself

Seriously!?  What is wrong with me?!?  I really thought I did pretty well this week! (Other than the night at work when someone brought cheese sticks from a pizza place.  Don't they know I'm dieting?  What's wrong with them?!?)  I GAINED 2 pounds!  What the crap?! 

Am I still making up from being sick?


Do I need to find the time to get to the Y more regularly? 


Do I really plan to starve myself?

Probably not.  But I'm highly considering it.  Especially tomorrow when I'm supposed to go to a dinner theater with my church.  I may just not eat anything the rest of the day, so I can enjoy the food there guilt-free. 

My plan of attack:

Try to get to the Y at least 3 times in the next week (*eye roll*).
Be more serious in point-counting.
Watch my water intake. (I've been drinking too much pop, I think.  Even if it is diet pop, I think I need more water)

In other news, I threw my back out yesterday.  I was in the shower, and went to put my leg up on the side of the tub to shave my legs, and all of a sudden my back just started killing me!  Needless to say, I didn't shave my legs.  I walked around for awhile whimpering and panting.  I called Nick and he volunteered to take Ash to his eye doctor appointment, which is great.  (That man is better to me than I deserve, I promise you!)  Anyhoo, after ibuprofen, icy hot and a nap it wasn't as bad.  Just sore.  It's sore still today, so I'm going to baby it some more today.

I started my provera yesterday.  I'd appreciate prayers that my body will cooperate and be on either CD 1, 2 or 3 on the 1st.  Thanks.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We Have An Adoption Date!

March 31, 2010 at 9:30am, or little man will officially become ours!

We are SO excited!

That is all.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Going to the Chapel...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

...uh...wait.  Maybe not.  I'm thinking that Thursdays should be my official weigh-in day.  Here's why:  I always sleep like normal on Wednesday nights.  Since I like to weigh after a whole night's sleep on an empty stomach, I think Thursdays would be the best day to do it.  Stupid night shift messes up everything!  Anyway, help me think of a catchy name for it. 

This week's weight loss was terrible.  In fact, I didn't lose any at all.  I gained 0.4 pounds!  Ugh!  Here's what I'm attributing it to:

  • Having been sick pre weigh-in last week, therefore giving me an unrealistic view of my weight loss.
  • Having eaten wedding cake and punch on Saturday.
  • Having had popcorn for supper Saturday night.  Movie theater popcorn at that!
  • Only getting to the YMCA once this week.
Next week will be better!  I hope.

In other news, I scheduled my RE appointment for April 1 at 9:30.  My March is fairly booked, so I wanted to wait until April.  The problem will be trying to be on CD 1, 2, or 3 on that day so I can get my baseline ultrasounds out of the way.  Normally, I could just back-time my Provera, but I've been having stupid spotting for a few days now, so I don't know what to do.  Any assistance would be helpful.  I'm afraid AF will make her appearance, and I will therefore be mid-cycle on the 1st as opposed to the beginning of the cycle.  HELP!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pictures...As Promised

January 2009 (I'm on the left.)

October 2008 (Pardon my weird eye.  I think it was a reflection.)

March 2010

March 2010

Weight-Loss Wednesday

Evidently, my weigh-in day has migrated to Wednesday.  Oh well.  My work schedule's dumb, anyway.  Working nights messes up everything!

Anyhoo...*drum roll*...5.6 pounds this week!  Now, granted, I was sick Monday and didn't eat anything really, but I did eat like normal since then, so I'll take it!  Next week will probably suck in comparison, so remind me of that when I lose some pitiful amount and threaten to slit my wrists or something. lol (I won't really slit my wrists...don't get all worried.)  Anyway, as I was updating my weight loss ticker, I realized that I've been doing it wrong, so, while it's keeping track of my current weight, it's not really giving me a good graph to show me the past.  But, with this week's loss added in, I've lost 24 since I started in January, and right about 50 since my highest weight last January.  Not too shabby.  I have WAY far to go, but small goals are my friend. 

I've decided once I weigh what my license says, I'm going to reward myself with these:


For some reason, I really want a pair of green Chucks.  Don't ask me why, because I don't know.  (Of course, Finish Line has them on sale right now.  Someone hold me back!)
Also, when Nick gets home, I'm going to have him take a full-ish body picture of me, so I can compare it to a picture I have of myself at my highest (January 2009).  IF I don't look too terrible in the picture, I may post them so you can see.  I don't see a lot of difference, myself, but Nick commented on it this morning and so did my boss.  Both of them made me uncomfortable.  lol  I don't take compliments well.

My boys will be home soon, so I better get started on supper.  I'm thinking tacos tonight, which I know is probably not the best choice for a person excited about weight loss. lol  I just REALLY want tacos.  I'll be good.  I promise.