Friday, July 31, 2009

Have You Ever...?

Have you ever been through something so life-altering that it takes months or years to become "ok" with it?

Have you ever spent those months getting the wound re-opened just when you thought it was healed?

Have you ever been successful at not thinking about the wound, only to have an innocent bystander tear it open again?

Have you ever had the wound sit and fester for days on end, nagging at your thoughts nonstop?

Have you ever realized that even though the wound may heal in time, you'll always be wounded?

Have you ever thought that, even if your wound is never healed, you have the ability to be content with your wholeness in other areas?

Have you ever realized that through it all, you're thankful for the wound you were given?

Have you ever realized that, were it not for the wound, you wouldn't be the person you are today?

Have you ever been told that one Man was wounded for you? That He gave Himself willingly, with no expectation of reward? That He loves you more than words can say?

Have you ever come to realize that your silly, earthly wounds are meaningless in the long run, yet He cares about them infinitely?

I have, and it's a wonderfully terrible conclusion to reach.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zoo Trip 7/18/09

We decided to take Asher to the Niabi Zoo on Saturday. We all had a blast! I, of course, had worked the night before, but I do fine staying up as long as I keep moving. Nick's parents joined us. Asher really enjoyed the Koi and duck pond. Daddy gave him some fish food to feed them (I had my hand sanitizer at the ready!). He thought it was the greatest!

They had re-done the zoo, since I'd been there last. They now have a fenced-in area called the "Australian Walkabout." They had emus and wallabies running around.
They also had a bird house that you could go in and the birds were free-range. You could buy little cups of nectar for $1 to feed them. Nick bought some, and carried Asher in (I went in, too, but only to take pictures. I don't like birds flying at my head.). Asher was fascinated by the birds.

We got a ticket for Asher to ride the carousel. He loved it, and refused to look at me so I could take a decent picture. We also rode the train, and were surprised when he threw a FIT when we first got on! I don't know if he was just freaked out by it or what, but he was fine once the ride started. Weird, eh?
Asher really enjoyed seeing the big, sleeping bear! The bear's friend was pacing around the other part of the cage, but this one was sleeping like crazy in the corner!
We surprised Asher by getting him a stuffed tiger in the gift shop. We waited and gave it to him that evening when we were going home from my dad's house. He loves it! He calls it his "giger." It's adorable.

At the end of my life, these are the days I will remember with most clarity. The days where my family is happy, healthy and enjoying nature and eachother's company are the days that mean most to me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Furniture!

We ordered new living room furniture back in May. It FINALLY arrived today. We ended up getting 2 couches, because the couch was on sale for cheaper than the love seat! Weird, eh? Here are some pics. Excuse the toys! Also, ignore the fact that my walls look crooked for some reason in one of the pics. It's weird.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Outside Fun

For Asher's birthday, both sets of my parents, Nick's parents and my grandparents went in to get him an outdoor climber. Nick and I (well, mostly Nick) put it together after Asher went to bed on his birthday.

The next day, despite coming down with a sudden case of pharyngitis (complete with a post-nap fever of 103.4!), we took Asher outside to play on it. (Just so you know, he was feeling much better because we'd given him motrin and he had gotten antibiotics. I don't usually take a sick child out to play.)

Earlier in the week, after removing some dead limbs from our big front yard trees, Uncle Matt had put a rope in the tree so we could put a swing up. But, before we got the swing put up, Nick enjoyed swinging on the rope. Asher joined him.

Today, Nick put the swing up while Asher was napping, and it is super fun! We're planning to get a toddler bucket swing, so he can swing a little safer, but for now, this one is excellent!

Nick also blew up the kiddie pool we got in preparation for our 4th of July shindig. It only took him about 20 minutes to do it, so it wasn't too bad.

After all that work, hopefully the rain will hold off, and everyone will get a good use out of our outdoor equipment!

Asher's 2nd Birthday~ 7/1/09

Wednesday was Asher's 2nd birthday. Of course, he didn't really have any idea what that meant. He probably just wondered why Mommy AND Daddy came in to get him out of bed...and with the camera!

We changed his diaper, and took him to the living room to see his birthday present, which Nick had put together the night before. He LOVED it!

Unfortunately, Latte (the kitten) was sick that day, so we had to take him to the vet. Asher got to play at the park in Kirkwood with Grandma and Grandpa Carlson while I took him in. Then, we came home to eat lunch and take a nap. That evening, we had youth group at Rozetta, so I made a cake to share with the teenagers.
At first, he didn't know what to think of the cake.

But, then, he got into it full-force!

All in all, we think he had a great day! His actual party is on Sunday, so I'm sure a new blog will come out of that! Have a happy and safe 4th of July!