Saturday, July 4, 2009

Outside Fun

For Asher's birthday, both sets of my parents, Nick's parents and my grandparents went in to get him an outdoor climber. Nick and I (well, mostly Nick) put it together after Asher went to bed on his birthday.

The next day, despite coming down with a sudden case of pharyngitis (complete with a post-nap fever of 103.4!), we took Asher outside to play on it. (Just so you know, he was feeling much better because we'd given him motrin and he had gotten antibiotics. I don't usually take a sick child out to play.)

Earlier in the week, after removing some dead limbs from our big front yard trees, Uncle Matt had put a rope in the tree so we could put a swing up. But, before we got the swing put up, Nick enjoyed swinging on the rope. Asher joined him.

Today, Nick put the swing up while Asher was napping, and it is super fun! We're planning to get a toddler bucket swing, so he can swing a little safer, but for now, this one is excellent!

Nick also blew up the kiddie pool we got in preparation for our 4th of July shindig. It only took him about 20 minutes to do it, so it wasn't too bad.

After all that work, hopefully the rain will hold off, and everyone will get a good use out of our outdoor equipment!


Brenda July 4, 2009 at 9:09 AM  

I'm glad you married who you did because this week seems like lots of Nick working and lots of Krystal playing in boxes/taking pictures :)