Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 6~ 20 of my Favorite Things

These are in no particular order...

1. My husband~ He is absolutely my favorite person to hang out with.  I am constantly wishing we could just be independently wealthy so we could hang out together.  He is my rock when everything around me is tumultuous.  I love watching him with Asher, and I regularly get choked up seeing the two of them interact.  He is a better daddy than you can imagine.  He is my one true love and I don't know what I'd do without him.  No matter what we're doing, I'm perfectly happy being with him.

2. My son~ I couldn't love this kid more if I'd birthed him myself.  I've "only" known him for 18 months--only half his life--but I can barely remember life without him.  Hearing him call me "mama" and looking for me when he feels upset or excited makes me feel so loved and needed.  When he crawls up in my lap and says, "Mama, I need a hug," it's all I can do to not burst into tears.  As much as I hate to admit it, even if we're never blessed with a biological child of our own, I know I'd be perfectly happy being his mama for the rest of my life.

3. My youth groupies~ We help with the youth group at church, and I love those teenagers SO much.  They are so well-behaved and don't act like your typical teenagers at all.  They love the Lord and I've loved getting to know them more and more through the last few years.

4. Coffee~ I was a HUGE coffee drinker pre-pregnancy, and while I've only had coffee twice since the miscarriage, I still have a place in my heart for it.

5. My cats~ I love all 3 of them.  They all have different personalities.  Lily's the typical "oldest child"--she draws your attention to injustices being done to the feline members of our household, whether it be a dirty cat box or a lack of food and she's kind of bossy.  Mia is the princess.  She sits with her paws crossed and thinks her rightful place is sitting right in the middle of the dining room table.  Last, but not least, Latte is crazy!  This cat showers with me regularly!  He has an affinity for the corners of ziploc bags (in fact, our wipes come in a big ziploc bag and the corners are always eaten off!).  He likes to climb around in Asher's toy baskets after he goes to bed and drag around stuffed animals.  These cats are a constant source of happiness.

6. My DVR~  I literally don't know what we'd do without it! 

7. New socks~ There's something about a brand new pair of socks, fresh out of the package, that I love.

8. Books~ I love to read!  Reading helps get me through 12 hour night shifts when we're not busy.  I inherited the fast-reading gene from my mom, and I've often read an entire book in a slow shift at work.  (Don't tell...shhh...)

9. My Blackberry~ I couldn't love a human baby as much as I love this phone!  (Just kidding, of course, but 10 points for whoever can tell me where that quote comes from!) I love that I can browse the internet.  I love that the texts are threaded, so I can see an entire convo I've had with someone, rather than just one text at a time.  I love the apps.  I love it!

10. Facebook~ I have a bit of an addiction. 

11. Movies~ I love going to the movie theater with my husband.  I love the over-priced popcorn and pop.  I love the previews and the cuddling and the child-free time.  Even a crappy movie is made alright by hanging with my hubs and eating perfectly-seasoned popcorn (I'm a champion popcorn-butterer, ask anyone who's been to the movie with me).

12. My non-household family~ My family is hilarious.  I defy you to spend any length of time with either of my families without laughing so hard you hurt.  They are a constant in my life, and I couldn't even function if they weren't nearby.

13. My Mac book pro~  Little-known Chinese proverb: perfect happiness can be found with a mac in your lap.  When a new computer was in order, I mocked Nick for his desire to get a mac.  I now completely understand, and I mock pc users.  lol

14. My bed~ We have a California king sized bed, due to my husband being freakishly tall.  I spent 6 months sleeping in it alone before Nick and I got married, and I've got to tell you, it is the most comfortable thing ever.  I find that I really don't sleep very well anywhere else, anymore, because my bed is the epitome of perfection. 

15. Celebrity gossip~ For some reason, I feel the need to look at people, or us magazine or tmz or what have you.  I love seeing what weird thing Lady Gaga is wearing or the play-by-play of Lindsay Lohan's jail stay.  I love seeing my beloved Rob Pattinson and speculating the "are they or aren't they?" of his relationship with Kristen Stewart.  I love it.  And I'm sorry.  Only I'm not.

16. My camera~ My Nikon D60 and I are buds.  Now, if only I could get my smaller lens to work reliably...

17. Naps~ Couch naps.  Bed naps.  I'm not picky.

18. Underwear~ My addiction to underwear-buying has died down over the years, but I still love looking at underwear. lol  (I'm sorry, Jimmy...) I don't think I even own any underwear that came packaged with others.  I like the funky ones with designs and words on them.  I have some that say "I (heart) Coffee" on the butt. lol

19. Musicals~  There's something novel about people randomly breaking into song, I guess.  I love the movie Hairspray, and all 3 High School Musical movies are on our dvd shelf (along with their soundtracks on our computer).  I love Disney movies, I love The Producers, I love it all!

20. Blog Comments~ There are no words to describe how I feel when my beloved blackberry lights up with a blog comment!  I love it!


Nick August 6, 2010 at 9:17 AM  

One of the best posts ever. This was a pretty great way to encompass your personality. I loved it. Way to be, Honey!

And I don't think some of them are in no particular order (ahem, #1).

Anonymous August 6, 2010 at 9:58 AM  

I want the points! Blades of Glory!

OK, I shall now finish reading the rest of the post!

Brenda August 6, 2010 at 10:04 AM  

I can't believe I didn't make the top 20. Off to therapy.

Alex August 6, 2010 at 11:21 AM  

This is a great post! I LOVE your list - so positive and enjoyable to read...

Anonymous August 6, 2010 at 5:01 PM  

Wooo! Hooray for musicals!! And awesome husbands!! And wonderful children!

This is a beautiful post and I really enjoyed getting to know you a bit by reading!

Jo August 6, 2010 at 6:24 PM  

I can totally identify with almost everything on this list (except cats. Can't do cats). Yay for ridiculously comfortable beds, though. I'm headed that way shortly!


stina978 August 7, 2010 at 12:11 PM  

just so that your blackberry will light up :) loved your list :)

The Flukens August 8, 2010 at 10:31 AM  

Love it Krystal! I am really digging this 30 day blog activity. I want to do it next month maybe when things aren't as hectic. It really is like a window into your fun and quirky an cool mind :)