Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 29~My Hopes, Dreams, and Plans for the Next Year

Well, I'd say, obviously, having a baby (or at least getting pregnant) is high on my list of hopes for the next year. We'd be 20 weeks tomorrow if we hadn't miscarried, and that thought makes me sad. I should be running around with a decent baby belly instead of shooting myself with needles and taking pills every day. I sincerely hope that we're pregnant by the time our due date for blackberry comes.

Another hope is that our first year of homeschooling will have gone smoothly. I'm decently nervous, but I have no doubt this is what God wants for our family. I know he will empower us to do a good job. Plus, I figure it's preschool, how much damage can I do? Haha!

I hope to grow closer to God in the next year, also. I feel like I've been kind of distant recently, which I know is all me and not any of His fault. Doing the Beth Moore "Breaking Free" study really made me want to know Him and portray Him in everything I do.

In addition, I'd love to grow even closer to Nick and Asher. I think we have a pretty decent relationship, but sometimes we have periods of discontent. Maybe it's usual for a family with a 3 year old. I have no idea. I treasure our times together, especially when everyone's happy and in a good mood. Our weekend has been a perfect blend of family time and couple time and I love it. In our family, when mom and dad are happy, everyone is happy. I'd love to have more times like that.

Sorry if this post is scatter-brained. I'm writing it on my blackberry while riding in the car. The radio is on and people are talking, so its hard to concentrate! Lol! I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of the 30 day blog journal! And I managed to do every topic (as long as nothing keeps me from tomorrow's!)!
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Brenda August 29, 2010 at 9:23 PM  

I hope you are pregnant soon too. Praying for you friend!