Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 25~ My Day in Great Detail

I woke up slightly ahead of 6:30, having had a very strange dream.  I decided to go ahead and get up, since my alarm was set for 6:30, anyway.  I kissed Nick, grabbed my phone, and left our bedroom.  I grabbed my clothes off the dining room table (where I'd placed them last night), went to the bathroom, got dressed, put my hair in a ponytail and left the bathroom.  I grabbed a pop out of the fridge, microwaved a Weight Watchers breakfast sandwich (being careful to stop the microwave before it beeped), then, went back in my room to kiss Nick again (what can I say?  I like him a lot!) and to grab my bluetooth headset.

I left a little ahead of 6:45 and drove the 30ish minutes to work, where I talked to a coworker while waiting to clock in for our monthly unit meeting.  I sat through an hour and a half of a really "informative" meeting, then clocked out.  I talked to Nick while I drove the 2 minutes to Walmart, where I bought the non-perishable items that I'd been unable to get at HyVee on the way home from my RE appointment Tuesday.  What did I buy?  Hmmm...pull ups, overnight diapers, a birthday gift for my little brother who will be 4 next week, contact solution for Nick, 2 boxes of brownie mix, brown sugar, chocolate chips, toffee chips, a pair of pjs for Asher that were on clearance, a shower curtain liner, ritz crackers and saltine crackers.  After that, I drove home, stopping at my grandma's to pick up Asher on my way.

Ash and I came home, I grabbed the mac and checked facebook and blogs and other sites while he played and watched Nick Jr.  I took him potty.  I did my bible reading on my blackberry.  I fought sleep.  I took Asher potty.  I took a shower.  I got dressed.  I took Asher potty.  I played more on the computer.  I took Asher potty.  I made brownies and a cheese ball for bible study.  I took him potty.  I talked to Nick on the phone.  I made Asher lunch and cleaned up while he ate.  I ate a bowl of cereal.  I gave him a Popsicle.  I took him in his room, put a new pair of shorts on him (because, for some reason, he doesn't like to sleep without pants on), turned on his sound machine, turned his air conditioner on fan, sang him "Jesus Loves Me," and put him to bed. 

I went to the living room, turned on Grey's Anatomy for background noise, and started looking at our preschool curriculum.  I made a document that basically equates to blank calendar pages that I can use to schedule each trimester.  I emailed the document to Nick, so he could print it as we don't have a printer at home.  I also submitted the picture of Asher standing on his box of books to the people who make our curriculum for a contest or something they're having.  He's so stinking cute.  Finally, I started getting tired, so I put everything away and decided to take a short snooze on the couch in the hour that was left of Ash's nap.  I switched the tv to HGTV, because Grey's was over and I despise Wife Swap. 

At 4:30, Ash woke up, we went potty together and I cut him a brownie.  I watched the dvd of our Beth Moore bible study that I'd missed a few weeks ago.  I stopped partway through to take Asher potty and talk to Nick on the phone.  I fought with him when he wouldn't stop being obnoxious.  When my dvd was done, I plugged in the computer, changed my shirt, took him potty, cut the brownies, rolled my cheese ball in it's nut topping, put his shoes on him and we left for church.  He threw a big fit because he wanted to buckle himself in, but we didn't have time to wait for him to do so.  He cried for a few miles until I told him to stop because he was a big boy and shouldn't cry all the time. 

We got to church and I put Asher in the care of my younger brother and went inside.  I kissed Nick (who was at praise team practice), and went downstairs.  I set my food out.  We prayed and ate food and did bible study.  Beth Moore rocks.  We cleaned up our food.  I talked to my mom about talking me to my RE appointment next week, as I will have worked the night before and shouldn't be driving a 4 hour round trip on no sleep.  I drove my grandma's car home.  It's like driving a space ship.  It's very fancy.  It even turns down the radio when you're stopped at a stop sign or when you slow down the car!  Who knew such a thing even existed!  Anyway, I parked my grandma's car at her house and walked home. 

I came in the back door, went to the living room and looked in the boxes that had arrived (my order).  I listened to Nick talk to his sister on the phone while writing this blog post.


Brenda August 25, 2010 at 10:14 PM  

LOVE IT! Was Nick or Asher being obnoxious? It was hard to tell. I'm guessing Ash. :)