Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 13~ A Fictional Book

I'm a little confused by today's topic because didn't we already cover books?  Oh well, I guess since we already covered my favorite books, I'll just talk about the one I'm currently reading.


I really like this author.  All her books feature the same characters.  I wouldn't say they're a series, per se, but they do mention things that happened in previous books (kind of like the Scarpetta series).  You won't be lost if you pick up a more recent one, but you may learn things that kind of let you know what happens in an older one, know what I mean?  Actually, I have read them all out of order! haha 

Once I get done with this one, I will have read all but "Blindsighted."  Looking at the list, the "Will Trent" series may or may not feature people from the "Grant County" series, but I know they cross over at some point and live in sin together in the same book. haha

Anyway!  Today is wedding day, so I need to get Ash out of the bath and shower myself and get going!  Tomorrow is "Non-fiction book," I guess!


stina978 August 13, 2010 at 11:30 AM  

I was a bit confused by today's topic as well... like a few different people came up with topics and they just put them all in there :) Sounds interesting. Have fun at the wedding!