Saturday, January 30, 2010

CD 1...Here Goes Nothing!

Well, after a 90-ish day cycle (yes, I'm serious.  Yes, I know that's not good.) and 12 days of provera (I had only ever been given 10 days, so I thought it was weird that Dr.D prescribes 12), yesterday was CD1.  As instructed, I called to schedule my hsg.  I am to be at the office at 12:45 on Wednesday, February 3 for a 1pm procedure. 

Here's where I need some help from my fellow IF-ers.  How much pain will I be in afterward?  The information I've been given says that I should have someone come with me, since the pain afterward could be non-conducive to driving.  Here's my problem: no one who can drive is available!  My usual go-to people either have to work or just had surgery.  My second-tier people also have to work.  I've even asked my co-workers, and they're busy, too!  My friend, Brenda (who lives in Georgia) says she'd be happy to take me, but we all see the problem with that. lol  This pretty much leaves me with having to have one of my dads take me, which is not really on the top of my list. (Can you picture it? "Why are we going to Iowa City, again?" "I have to have dye shot up my falloppian tubes." "Let's not say falloppian tubes.")  Basically, I need someone to tell me whether I'd be fine driving myself home or whether I really should have my dad go with me.  Of course, the other problem is that I will have worked 12 hours the night before, so I probably SHOULDN'T be driving.  So, basically, one of you needs to come with me.  Decide amongst yourselves... 


Brenda January 30, 2010 at 1:22 AM  

Well I don't know anything about said procedure. BUT, I am so excited I made the blog, and I am serious about taking you. All I'll have to do is call Oprah and see if I can borrow her plane and pilot to run right up there and go with you and fly back. I do not see this being such a dilemma since clearly Oprah and I are tight. I understand wanting to have a back up plan, but I don't see it being necessary. :)

Marla.z January 30, 2010 at 8:01 AM  

You will probably be in a LOT of pain. My personal experience is that it was painless, but other blogs I have read where they have PCOS or Endo, it's been pretty darn painful. Plan on getting a ride home, don't drive yourself if you can help it. Hope for the best, expect the worst. Good luck! ((Hope your experience is an painless as mine was!))

Wishing 4 One January 31, 2010 at 5:17 AM  

You know when I had my HSG back in the day it was fine. I took some Motrin or Tylenol (can't remember) before and there was no pain. But like Marla said so so many people have had a bad experience. I think its best if you make sure someone can drive you home just in case. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Anonymous February 2, 2010 at 7:23 PM  

I'm happy that others have reported a relatively painless experience, and I hope it's the same for you, but I was not so lucky and am way glad I had someone drive me. I did take the Motrin in advance as recommended. It still hurt really badly when the catheter went in, and then worse when the fluid went in. I cramped and was miserable for the better part of the next 24 hours and had some bleeding.

Were I a little closer I'd offer to take you (even though it's 10 shades of last minute at this point).