Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thinking Thin Thursday and Randomness

I'm actually pretty pleased with myself this week.  I managed to lose 3.6 pounds despite eating like crap for a couple of days while babysitting my siblings.  I'm just glad I lost at all.  After last week's pitiful results, it was a refreshing change of pace to see a smaller number on the scale.  I even had to redo my weight loss ticker to account for it.  My newest goal, in case you've forgotten, is to weigh what my license says I do.  haha  That just shows how very much of a lie my license is!

I can't remember how many days of exercise I got in.  I know it was at least one.  On Monday morning, Nick and I walked down a certain street in a nearby town that had a lot of houses for sale.  It was close to 2 miles according to  I really need to do better with getting to the Y or going for a walk or whatever.  My stupid work schedule is really not conducive to working out regularly.  Asher and I did go and take an almost 2 mile walk this morning.  Well, he rode in the stroller, I did all the work. 

Anyway, I've been super into looking at houses for sale online recently.  We love where our house is now.  It's out in the middle of nowhere and close to family.  We rent from my grandparents, so obviously we get a good deal on rent/utilities.  It's big enough for us--we have an entire floor we don't use for anything but storage!  If I was super fertile, I'd be happy with all the room to grow.  But, as it is, I hardly see us needing an additional 3 bedrooms. 

We have a laundry list of things we'd love to see in a new house.  Central air being high on the list.  It's kind of a pain in the butt to haul the window units down from upstairs every year, then haul them back up when it hits fall again.  I'd love something with an open floor plan.  I love the look of houses where you can be cooking or whatever in the kitchen and still associate with the other people in the house.  We also only have one bathroom and it's about the size of a postage stamp.  You could literally sit on the toilet and put a foot in the bath tub and wash your hands at the same time.  lol  It's also slowly sinking into the crawl space.  But, my grandparents hired a guy to re-do it, so that complaint will soon not be an issue.  (But it does bring up the fact that I feel guilty looking at houses when they're going to be re-doing the bathroom.  It makes me feel like a terrible, ungrateful granddaughter.)

 Then, comes the worry about money.  The long-term plan is for me to reduce my hours at work so I can be home with Asher more, especially when it comes time to start the homeschooling.  It worries me to take up a mortgage payment and utilities and property taxes and such, when I currently bring in half our income.  You can find pretty decent houses around here for not a lot of money (nothing like you'd see on House Hunters, to which I attribute my sudden love for house hunting.  Stupid HGTV.), so the payments wouldn't be terrible every month, but it still freaks me out.  I'm a planner and organizer and it all messes with my system.  lol

Wow.  I didn't mean to ramble this much about it.  If you've made it this far in my rambling, I'm impressed. 

I go back for an ultrasound tomorrow, so hopefully my follicles are cooperating.  I REALLY don't want to have to shell out more money for meds and wait at that freaking pharmacy again.  I may shoot someone if I have to go there again.


T Lee April 22, 2010 at 4:07 PM  

Something you want to think about when considering the finances with the house- don't forget to factor in property taxes, homeowner's insurance, and any commute expense changes from where you are now. A lot of my friends got into trouble there... we even kind of are, in that our property taxes keep rising- so keep wiggle room for that too.
Keep a separate ledger- a fake one- and figure out whether you could live on just DH's salary- it really halps to figure what you can afford.

And yay on the lbs!

T Lee April 22, 2010 at 4:29 PM  

That whole directly replying to things would be easier, wouldn't it?
I know a lot of the real estate websites around here have property taxes for the previous year listed with the houses for sale. So you might look up one of the ones you were looking at (or at least in the area) and check that. You can also google 'median property taxes' and your zip... though ours are nearly double the median (and trust me, our house is not double the average... it's barely the average, lol), but it'a a starting point...