Thursday, June 11, 2009


So, I know we're WAY behind the times, but we just bought a grill! I told Nick, "Happy Father's Day" when we bought it!

After some minor issues with getting it in the vehicle, we FINALLY got it home! Nick (and Latte, the kitten) had a great time putting it together last night. So, tonight, we took her for her maiden voyage. We decided to grill chicken and sweet corn! Nick brought home the propane tank and we took the grill outside (it had been sitting in my laundry room after it got put together.) Once everything was ready to go on the grill, Asher and I joined Nick outside.

Asher enjoyed an apple to tide him over, since supper was later than usual. He LOVED sitting outside in his booster seat with the wind blowing in his hair. He was even nice enough to share his apple with Daddy.

I was in and out of the house, setting the table and getting the other things ready to go. (I felt uber wifey!) Pretty soon, it was smelling delicious outside (I'm surprised my grandparents next door didn't come wandering over!).

When everything was ready, we went inside to eat. We had bbq chicken sandwiches, sweet corn, and baked beans with apple crisp and vanilla ice cream for dessert. We're not sure if Asher had ever had corn on the cob, but after a few instructions, he picked right up on it.

He didn't really seem into the chicken, but he loved the beans and corn. When he said he was all done, I gave him some apple crisp and ice cream. He REALLY liked that! He really threw himself into his work. Nick said that at one point, I got up from the table and Asher looked to see if I was looking at him. When he saw I wasn't, he plunged his hand into the bowl and ate it with his hands!

By the time the meal was finished, it was obvious he'd be requiring a bath. Between his full belly and playing outside, he should sleep very well tonight!!!


Melissa June 12, 2009 at 9:03 AM  

Krystal...what a beautiful son you have! I'm so proud of him and the progress he's made! Kudos to you and Nick for being such great parents to him. (This blog was a great idea by the way) Keep up the good work!