Friday, June 26, 2009

We're Boring

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently. We haven't really done much that I deem "blog-worthy."

We are getting ready for Asher's birthday, which is Wednesday. His party is July 5th, though, since that was the most convenient time for the most people to be able to be there. I'll post a blog about that, I'm sure. We got him a slide for his birthday, since he tries to make a slide out of everything in the living room.

I'm trying to decide what kind of cake to get for the party. Hopefully Walmart or HyVee or County Market will have one we like. I'd like to get a jungle-themed one, since his invitations are jungle-themed.

We're kind of disappointed because a few of Asher's aunts and uncles won't be able to attend the party. Grace and Jamie will be leaving for church camp that day, and Caleb is working at the boy scout camp this summer. Hopefully everyone else will be able to attend. It should be super fun!

Other than planning the party, not much else is going on. Work, mostly. And LOTS of mandatory meetings! (Don't even get me started!) Nick has been helping his boss teach a College for Kids class at Monmouth College the past 2 weeks. Nick taught one on his own last year, but decided to just teach with Paul this time. They seemed to have a good time.

We spent the night at my mom's house on Wednesday night. She took Grace and Jamie to Chicago to see Fiddler on the Roof and Mary Poppins, and my dad was in Atlanta on a mission trip with the teenagers from Rozetta. So, Nick and I babysat the remaining children. They were all well-behaved for the most part, and mom and the kids had a great time in Chi-town.

Tonight, Asher is staying the night with Nick's parents for the first time. Originally, they were just going to babysit here while Nick and I went and saw "My Sister's Keeper" with Whitney and Matt. But, we all decided that tonight would be a good time to test out an overnight over there. Hopefully it will go well. He's a pretty good sleeper, so I don't think it should be an issue. (He surprised us all by napping like a champ at my dad's house on Sunday!) This will also allow Nick to get to sleep in tomorrow morning! That never happens, as every Saturday morning he has to have Asher since I've either just worked all night and need to recover or I will be working that evening and need to prepare. Poor baby. We haven't been out on a date sans child in forever, so we're looking forward to it. I do feel bad, though, that Asher will have spent so much time away from home this week. It makes me feel like a bad mommy. My mom says I'm just projecting and Asher doesn't care. She's probably right...she usually is.

Anyway, that's about it! I'll try to get better at updating!