Thursday, September 17, 2009

Da Bears!

(Disclaimer: I'm not sure about who all reads my blog, so I'd like to issue a warning that this post involves my 2 year old son, in case you'd like to skip this installment.)

So, Sunday was the Chicago Bears season opener against the Green Bay Packers. Usually, we go to my dad's house in Orion to watch the games on the Sundays that I am off. However, this game started at 7:20, and Asher goes to bed at 8:45, so it wouldn't work to go up there. So, I made some snacks and we watched the game at home.

Nick and Asher both have Brian Urlacher jerseys, so Nick put his on, then put Asher's on him. Asher seemed to like it.

It was too cute to see them dressed alike. It choked me up a little. lol

Asher, of course, wasn't terribly into watching the game. In fact, he kind of impeded Nick's enjoyment of it. (Of course, it didn't help that I kept trying to take pictures!) Asher decided he wanted to be like Daddy, and put his Spiderman chair up on the couch.

Asher went to bed at his usual time, so Nick got to watch almost 3 quarters without interruption. Of course, the Bears lost at the last minute (Thanks, Jay Cutler!), and Brian Urlacher got an injury before halftime and is out for the whole season, but we had a great night anyway! (I figure I'll still make them wear their jerseys, even if he's out for the season.)