Monday, May 3, 2010

Half Way

This has officially been the longest 2 week wait, EVER!  It's not like I'm going stir crazy to test or anything, it's just that the last week has seemed about 3 months long.  We're halfway through, though.  Next Monday, I get my beta drawn.  I'm going to get it drawn when I go to work that evening, so I imagine I won't get the results until Tuesday.  But, I plan to test at home before then. 

That brings me to a question: when should I test to see if the trigger's out of my system?  Today has been 9 days since I took the trigger, but I'm only 7dpo (days post ovulation, to you lay-people).  Should I test tomorrow, safe in the knowledge that 8dpo is too early to get a legit positive?  That's what I'm leaning towards. 

Then, when should I test for real?  My thought was Sunday (13dpo), since I will have slept all night and therefore have more hormones built up.  But, it's Mother's Day.  That means it will be either really awesome if I get a positive, or really terrible when it's negative.  I'm legitimately afraid that I'll be a blubbering mess at church (which doesn't look very good coming from the pastor's family's pew).  Tell me what to do, people!  Better yet, just guarantee me a positive!

Obligatory symptom check (even though everything's probably from my prometrium suppositories):

  • Boobs of Fury
  • Slight twinges/crampies occasionally
  • Emotional (I teared up watching a Hallmark commercial a little while ago)


T Lee May 3, 2010 at 2:04 PM  

The progesterone did make me a little crampy, grumpy, and nauseaus- but I had no boobs of fury! That could be good!!!

And honestly, clueless on when to test. 8-/ Sorry I'm not more helpful, lol.

The Flukens May 4, 2010 at 3:49 PM  

I would test on Saturday or not at all. That way if it is a bfn (which i hope its not) you will have a day to gather up your strength and still enjoy your Most Deserved Mothers Day! This is your first Mothers Day as an adoptive mom and you need to enjoy it for all its worth. On second thought,don't test Saturday, wait til Monday!!!