Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Still Here!

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I promise.  There's just not a lot to talk about.  I'm just battling with the calendar as it moves slower and slower toward our ultrasound on the third.  One second I'm super excited for it, and the next I'm terrified that something will be wrong or that I've imagined the whole thing.  I keep having to remind myself it's all true.  I keep telling myself, "You had 3 sticks with 2 lines and one that said 'pregnant.'  You had two great betas.  You didn't dream it."  Too bad my self doesn't listen very well.  Stupid, self.

As far as symptoms go, I haven't had much.  I'm feeling more fatigued, I believe, but sometimes it's hard to tell if it's baby-related or work shift-related (if you've ever worked nights, you can understand).  I also have some cramps occasionally.  I told my mom today that sometimes they hurt BAD!  They only last a few seconds, but it usually makes me pause and takes my breath away for a second.  I'm assuming that it's just my uterus stretching and my little blackberry settling in.  I have had no spotting at all *knocks wood,* and believe me, I always inspect the TP very well! haha 

I joined Baby Center online the other day, and got my little timeline thingy all set up with both Asher and the new baby on there.  It's cool to be able to see what is going on with baby and to see what Asher should be up to any given week.  I mostly use it for looking up baby names, as we're I'm obsessed with them!  They have a cool tool where you can look up suggested sibling names based on your existing child's name.  One of the suggestions for Asher?  Sheniqua!  LOL  I nearly died when I read that!  I've never actually known anyone named Sheniqua! 

Anyway, yesterday, I looked at the communities they have and joined the January 2011 group.  I didn't post anything or comment but I looked around.  It kind of freaked me out that a lot of them were saying they felt sick already, and I'm not.  However, my mom assures me that she never really felt sick until 8 weeks with any of her pregnancies and she never felt sick at all with me!  (I told her it's because I'm awesome.)  I've had an occasional bout of nausea the last week or so, but it could just be wishful thinking. 

My favorite part of pregnancy so far?  Nick laying his head on my belly and talking to the baby.  He gives him/her pep talks about growing and tells them to be nice to me.  It's about the cutest thing ever.  I can't wait until we can feel the baby move externally!

That's about it.  It's been pretty hot the past couple of days and I became very glad that I won't have to be ginormously pregnant in the middle of the summer.  All in all, a Winter pregnancy will rock, I think.  Also, my first blog-iversary is the 29th!  Yay, me! 


Mrs Bee May 25, 2010 at 2:34 AM  

I have missed you!!

You might just be one of those very lucky women that don't get really back morning sickness!
My mum had no idea she was pregnant until she was 4 months pregnant with me. She thought she was just putting on weight and had always had really weird periods.
Anyway. Enough about that crazy lady!! HA!

Not long till the 3rd!!