Monday, October 5, 2009

"Not Me" Monday...Date-iversary Edition!

Today is Nick and my 6th "date-iversary!"  (The anniversary of our first date, in case you couldn't figure that out.)  On October 5, 2003, Nick and I officially became an item.  I wanted to do a "Not Me" post, but I also wanted to talk about the last 6 years, so I decided to combine them.  Hopefully, MckMama (who thought up "Not Me" Monday) won't mind.


Here goes...

I did not meet my husband in third grade when he started attending my church.

I did not remain completely oblivious to him until after I moved to Minnesota, and he hit puberty and got extremely good-looking.  I would never do such a thing, because that would be shallow.

I did not say to my mom, after a visit to our old church, that I wanted to marry someone like him someday.  (She did not answer, "Well, he seems to be available." I did not roll my eyes.)

My mom does not claim to have known before either of us did that he was "The One." (My mom is awesome like that.)

My heart did certainly not go aflutter every time I saw his name in my email inbox!  (While we're at it, I obviously did not let it be known that I had the hugest crush on him EVER to my mom, sisters, and best friends.)  (I also did not carry a picture of him around in my wallet.)

I obviously do not remember the first meal we ate together or first movie we saw together, even though we were just friends.  (It wasn't Subway sandwiches eaten in a gazebo or "Spiderman.")

I did not bat my eye lashes and nicely ask if he'd skip school to attend a family funeral with me.  (He, of course, did not do that, because that would be educationally irresponsible.)

I did not think to myself, "Maybe now we can get together," when my family moved back to Illinois after 4 years in Minnesota.

I did not get extremely irritated with him for being completely oblivious that I was totally in love with him in the 8 months between moving back to Illinois and when we got together.

I did not bribe my then 6 year old sister with treats so he and I could "talk about the possibility of getting together" while at the fair.

I did not jump for joy when he decided he wanted to pursue our courtship!

I certainly did not realize, before writing this post, that this picture is the earliest one I have of the two of us in digital format.

This is May 2004.  Oh, how young we were! 

I also did not realize that I am more in love with this man than I was 6 years ago!

This is not a picture of us freezing our heinies off at my brother's football game last Friday night.

I love you, Honey!  I can't wait to see what the next years bring.  Thanks for being such a godly man and showing me love every day!

(Do you feel like puking yet?)


Nick October 5, 2009 at 3:32 PM  

I did not tear up a bit looking at that picture from years gone by. It's so cool to see God's hand at work in our relationship. Who would have thought we'd be where we are today? I love you, too, Honey, and each day you rock my socks off.

You're grrrrreat!

Heidi October 7, 2009 at 8:40 PM  

You two are so cute together!!!!

Lynn October 23, 2009 at 11:59 AM  

This is such a sweet post! You two are adorable together :D I can really tell how much you love your husband and I think that's great. You've put a smile on my face for the second time with this same post. I remembered reading it a few days ago and then decided to use it for the Blogger Bingo clue "includes a photo of the blogger". Congratulations on six wonderful years!