Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dr.Google and I are Fighting

So, someone needs to make me stop googling stuff!  It only ever proves to freak me out!  Ugh!

We had our IUI today.  It was a good time overall.  Nick got to look at my cervix and inject the stuff himself, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  We watched "Glee" on Hulu (for the first time, I might add) in an abandoned waiting room at the clinic while waiting for the lab to get done processing our sample.  They gave us a little buzzer thing like you'd get when you go to a restaurant that lit up and buzzed when they were ready for us.  The procedure itself was largely painless.  Just some mild cramping when she put the catheter in.

I had asked the nurse performing the procedure if she knew how Nick's count and such was.  She gave me a piece of paper with all the information on it.  (Here's where Dr.Google comes in!)  I've been googling for awhile now, and I'm kind of freaked out about it, I guess.  Since I know you all are amateur urologists/REs, here's what we're working with (I'm sorry, Honey):

Pre-Wash                                           Post-Wash
Total: 94,850,000                               Total: 6,690,000
Total Motile: 30,150,000                    Total Motile: 5,690,000
Percent Motility: 31.78                        Percent Motility: 85.04
Count: 24,320,000/ml                         Count: 12,630,000
Motile/ml: 7,730,000                          Motile/ml: 10,740,000

So, what concerns me is the motility.  According to what I've found, 40% is the lowest in the "normal" range (pre-wash, of course), and we're well below that.  And the motile/ml value is "normally" above 8 million.  We're only slightly below that, I guess.  I read on this blog that they like to have greater than 10 million total sperm in the post-wash sample for an IUI.  They'll still do it (obviously), but in a perfect world, that's what they want. 

No one mentioned anything about it to us, so they must not be concerned.  Also, when we first started seeing the RE, they had Nick go see a urologist.  He did 2 analyses on him and said everything looked fine.  He did mention a small variocele, but didn't think it warranted surgery at that point.  Of course, we were supposed to go back and see him in a year and didn't do it. 

I'm just worried (a lot, quite frankly) about the combination of a less than optimal post-wash sperm count and only one follicle.  I just feel like it's never going to happen.  I mean, for the love of pete, I had TWO follicles and did timed intercourse and got pregnant in April.  Why isn't my body cooperating now?!  Any info or advice ya'll might have would be greatly appreciated.

(And, Baby, just know that I wouldn't love you any less even if you had no sperm!  I'm sorry if having your sperm counts posted online makes you uncomfortable, but, in my defense, you're asleep and not here to give me permission.  haha  Also, this is what I'm chanting to your boys in my head:

I love you!)


Alex October 3, 2010 at 11:10 AM  

I do the "swim, boys, swim!" chant as well after the IUI. I'm certainly not an expert, but I really think these numbers are just fine! I really hope this is the one for you - sending you good thoughts for this cycle!

stina978 October 3, 2010 at 8:26 PM  

I hat to sound cliche, but it really only takes ONE (provided that one will "just keep swimming") :) Praying for you!

Anonymous October 5, 2010 at 1:11 PM  

Ignore Dr. Google. If the numbers were a concern to your RE, then he would bring it up. The fact that you have gotten pregnant with Nick's boys without IUI indicates that his motile swimmers do their job. Relax. Right now stress is bad.

Sending you swimmy sticky vibes!