Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Still Here

I promise I haven't abandoned you all.  And I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seat wondering where I am. lol  I'm just plugging away with my two week wait.  We're currently...uh...11 days post ovulation (I had to look at a calendar, that shows just how chill I'm trying to be about the whole thing).  I'll probably test Friday or Saturday.  I don't really have a strong feeling either way, although I lean more toward "not pregnant" than "pregnant." 

There's nothing symptom-wise.  Of course, I felt perfectly normal  (save sore breasts, which I attributed to the prometrium suppositories) until like 6w3d with Blackberry, so I probably shouldn't expect any symptoms even if I am pregnant.  The only thing that might be worth mentioning is a major TMI, so read with caution.  I seem to be having a large amount of discharge.  It's clear, so I'm not concerned about infection or anything.  I don't know if it's from my prometrium suppositories or what.  I've never had it before, but I'd never had the head aches either (those are gone now, btw), so who really knows?

In other news, we're looking to maybe buy a house sometime soon.  We currently rent from my grandparents, but would love a place to call our own (not that our current house doesn't feel like home).  Also, building some equity would rock.  Also, we're still struggling with Asher's potty training.  It makes me want to drink.  I talked to his pediatrician (who I see at work regularly) today and she gave me some pointers that we will probably try.  It can't hurt, right? 

Anyhoo, how are all of you doing, dear readers?


Alex October 14, 2010 at 3:53 PM  

Good to hear from you! I'm in my 2ww as well, but I'm not near as patient as you. I will be starting testing tomorrow - which will be 10 dpiui. I know it's crazy early, but I tested positive at 10 days my last pregnancy, and I'll drive myself nuts if I wait. Good luck sweetie! I hope this is it for both of us!

And very exciting about buying a house!